From the Personal Representative (August, 2008)

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Job Descriptions:  

In preparation for writing several job descriptions, our Secretary General did a brief search for the same in several other Scottish Rite Valleys and Orient publications with the result of finding very little that was applicable to his search.
The effort, however, included reading a message from the Editor of the Louisiana Scottish Rite Trestleboard and I will offer part of his message for   your consideration. He said, in part:
" idea struck me for having explanation for the positions of Master Mason and Scottish Rite member."
"The obligations, the charges and some lectures explain many of the duties and responsibilities that we as Masons inculcate. There is a great lacking in the area of participation, attendance or labors expected. Petitioners have indicated that membership in the 'Fraternity will not cause a hard-ship on their family or themselves. We explain in the 'Entered Apprentice Degree that zeal for the Fraternity should never interfere with regular vocations. We obligate and demand certain moral behavior to continue membership in the Fraternity. There is never a mention of regular attendance and participation for regular meetings. Perhaps we should go as far as to explain work and Masonic Labor."
Many members remark that the meetings don't offer them anything and that we aren’t even meeting their needs. These same members don't offer what their needs might be or what they would like to have at Lodge. Sadly many find that Masonic Labor ends with the conferral of degrees. Exercise your right and responsibility by attending your Lodge and Valley meetings. Participate and let your ideas and voice be heard. Heck, attend an Advisory Conference meeting."
I can only add my personal second to his comments and in fact, I will suggest that you could take the time to participate and add your voice and opinion to a Council of Masters Meeting; the Tuesday morning "Kitchen Cabinet" meeting; our stated meeting; the scholarship committee or even volunteer to help in any other capacity that would match your own interests. 
I’ve been Master of my own Lodge four times and will never give up my Craft Lodge activities. I have served on Grand Lodge committees, served as a Grand Lodge Floor Officer in 1997, participate in York Rite, AMD, York Rite College, and I still find that Scottish Rite offers a couple of things that are absent in the other areas of Masonic work. First, we have a vibrant and active charitable institution right here in our own home. Secondly, we are given a chance to meet and mingle with a broad selection of our Masonic family on a monthly basis. 
All Masonic Labor is an integral part of our Masonic Experience and beside that, most of it is rewarding and even fun at times.

Bob Winter - Personal representative of the Deputy of the Supreme Council in California

The Rite Word - August 2008, Volume 2, Issue 8