From the Personal Representative (April, 2008)

posted May 2, 2015, 3:43 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 2, 2015, 3:44 PM ]
There are a number of issues on my mind this month, but space constrains my hand and I’ll just address two that I feel are particularly timely and which interrelate closely.
Our clubs seem to be experiencing a revival with old and new members stepping up into roles of responsibility to help out.  This is a great reassurance to me as I feel the clubs are critical to the success of the order. 
One of the aspects of Scottish Rite that has always impressed me is its atmosphere of fraternal interaction and our clubs certainly exemplify this principle and stand as beacons in the areas they represent.  You’ll read elsewhere in the Rite Word of the activities of the individual clubs, but I don’t think it is too repetitive of me to express my enthusiasm and how favorably impressed I have been during my recent visits to all three of our clubs.  Keep up the good work, brethren, and many of us from the “Center” will attend as often as we possibly can.  Also, please keep us, here at the Center, informed as to your activities and we will try to highlight them in the Rite Word.
On another note, our Scholarship Committee has been working to come up with a solid program that represents the philosophy of the Valley of San Jose and how we view our obligation to support deserving students in their quest for education.  It has not been an easy task. Brother Richard Fisher 32° KCCH, Senior Warden of the Lodge of Perfection is Chairman of the committee, with Brother Dave Gibson 32° KCCH, Brother Dave Kimball 32°, and Brother Jeff Conway 32° rounding out the membership.
For a universe from which to make a selection, we have imposed on the California Masonic Foundation to furnish us the names of a number of applicants from our jurisdictional area who, while well qualified for consideration, fell just beyond the Masonic Foundation’s ability to furnish funding.  We are contacting these students and will further evaluate their suitability and eligibility to participate in our program and then, if it is appropriate, we will confer on two or three of them scholarships of about $2,500.00 each, renewable for three more years.  We hope to involve the clubs in this process, if the students chosen live in their regions, which it appears they all do.
I believe this is a winning combination of our charitable and fraternal obligations.  It gives us community visibility, fraternal activity, and in the process gives deserving students access to much needed financial support.  Furthermore, students living any distance from our Center will have one of our clubs to whom they can relate and report to insure faithful follow-up on their commitment and continued successful performance.
The Scholarship Program is a work in progress, and this may not be the final form of its development.  Our committee is working diligently with my encouragement, and we all welcome any input the other members of the fraternity may want to provide. 
Keep honking, brethren and ladies. We’re still listening.

Bob Winter - Personal representative of the Deputy of the Supreme Council in California

The Rite Word - April 2008, Volume 2, Issue 4