From the Master of Kadosh (November, 2018)

posted Nov 8, 2018, 5:37 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Fraternal greetings!  We had a wonderful Octoberfest style dinner at the October meeting, and I encourage those of you who haven’t attended a Scottish Rite stated meeting and Dinner to please consider doing so.  We always love to see our Scottish Rite Brothers, their significant others, and Friends at our events!  Please also consider inviting any Master Masons who haven’t been through the Scottish Rite to attend the November Dinner, along with their application for the November Reunion.

As I write this article, we have just passed through October the 13th.  October the 13th is a special time of year which marks the persecution of the Knights Templar by Pope Clement V and Philip “The Fair” IV, King of France.  This is a time of year where we are reminded of our mission as Scottish Rite Freemason’s of our responsibility of fighting despotism and injustice wherever it might exist, as well as our time of solemn morning for all the Great Masters who have been persecuted for their cause of Freedom, Love, and Justice in the past.

Additionally, this year commemorates the 900th year anniversary of the establishment of the Knights Templar as an organization in 1118AD.  After the official disbanding of the Knights Templar on October 13, 1307, 711 years ago, the Knights Templar organization changed into an underground organization which is argued to still exist to this day.  Charged with the mission of protecting ancient knowledge, holy relics, and other items from antiquity possibly including the Arc of the Covenant.  


Wishing you all well on your journey to uphold the values of the Scottish Rite!