From the Master of Kadosh (November 2017)

posted Nov 10, 2017, 9:29 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Sometimes for me, it seems my articles are more like a blogs, my thoughts on Masonry, the Scottish Rite and the Consistory. While I feel like although we do need some actual instruction and direction and maybe some lighthearted triviality - it's more about communicating the ideals of the Scottish rite to list each month


That being said, I will attempt to accomplish some of each.


So I am sitting in my car, waiting for the light, my mind wanders and I find myself looking at the bumper sticker on the car in front of me, it said: Fighting Hate, Teaching Tolerance, Seeking Justice. I was awestruck by the simple clarity of this message. I couldn’t agree more.


Everyone has an opinion, political or religious persuasion, thoughts on who should be doing what (presumably for the common good, but perhaps not always) or advice on what they think is ‘right’. But what makes it all work in our country is recognizing that each of us has that choice. Seems that what is being lost these days is that recognition and respect, that while we might not agree with each other, we have the responsibility to listen to each other. Now, more than ever we needed as Masons to help further this important aspect of our society.


The Valley now has a new Phone App, similar to the one provided to the Blue Lodge by the Grand Lodge of California. To get it, go to on your phone’s browser while connected to the Internet.


Join us for a ‘Day in Egypt’ at the San Jose Rosicrucian Museum. This is one of the largest collections of Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt and at the site is the Grand Lodge of AMORC, the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosicrucian. Some say they are a distant cousin of Masonry. Come and find out. The day includes a light breakfast, Tour of their extensive Reading Room, a Guided Tour of their Museum and a chance to meet their Grand Master Julie Scott. Saturday December 16th, 9:00 AM San Jose. $15 pp. Call (831) 521-8228 or email for reservations