From the Master of Kadosh (March 2019)

posted Mar 4, 2019, 7:40 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

If you came to Installation of the 2019 Officers for our Scottish Rite, Valley of San Jose, you would have noticed that the alter had four items representing our belief in God:  the Bible, the Book of Mormon, a Torah, and a Koran. Four beautifully framed Charters were also present.   Thank you General Secretary Gregg Hall.  This year our Valley is making an extra effort to update our building facilities and expand our “Rite Care” child language center.

The Consistory is concerned about justice and recognition that all people must judge their own weaknesses and failings before judging others.  Justice must be accompanied with compassion and understanding.  It is also focused on the difference between our physical and spiritual beings.  Your spirit can overcome your self-interest through struggle.

I am very proud to represent our Valley as Master of the Consistory.  As a Mason, family man and Jew.  Seeing the Torah on the alter meant a lot .  Thank you.  My birth father was Protestant, my stepfather was Jewish. Both were Masons.   I see no real conflict with Protestant and Jewish beliefs and Masonry.  Wanting to do right by men and protect wives and children, upholding God, helping others and supporting our Country,

Extra support for Rite Care really helps.  Knowing children with speech impediments can overcome much of their hearing weaknesses will help them to become the best people they can be.  Better speech helps children to reach for the best future they can have.  Not just focusing on their weakness, they can focus on their achievements.   Our son would never have gotten a good job at Costco if he didn’t believe in he could do the job well, despite his hearing and speech difficulties.  Overcoming physical weaknesses and lack of confidence, such as speech problems changes children’s futures.