From the Master of Kadosh (March, 2012)

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Roger Bibb

The following is from SCOTTISH RITE RITUAL, condensed and written for all members.
The Royal Secret, if lived with perfect comprehension and understanding, elevates mankind to sublime heights and levels of realization. The Great Symbol of the Degree is the Symbolic Camp.
Some of the most profound truths of the ancient mysteries are spoken as axioms. You are called upon to summon your greatest capacities and to attempt to pierce the veil of the symbolic language in which they are presented. To be truly a Master of the Royal Secret, individual realization is required on the part of each and every initiate.
Five final vows , marking the candidate as a Soldier of Light, Liberty, Freedom of Religion the People, and of Scottish Rite Masonry. In this degree, the candidate is put in possession of the Sacred Word of the Scottish Rite.
Upon being given the Royal Secret and put in possession of the Holy Doctrine, it becomes necessary that each 32nd Degree Mason take responsibility for this knowledge and devote their (our) lives to being fit examples of our Rite.

Roger Bibb
Master of Kadosh