From the Master of Kadosh (July, 2013)

posted May 27, 2015, 2:23 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 27, 2015, 2:24 PM ]
Points to consider as we celebrate another anniversary of the 
founding of our country...
Masons were surely involved in the early central development of the United States. Masons today can take pride in the fact that our special brotherhood had much to do with the establishment of the United States of America, when it came to developing an organized military force in/around the thirteen separate colonies. It is well know that Brother George Washington made many visits to the various state lodges preceding the Revolutionary War, looking for support from his fellow Fraternity members. George Washington called on his Masonic comrades in establishing the first adhesive resistance to the British government. If it had not been for Freemasonry in the early 1700s, then perhaps the Revolution would not have taken place. 
Not because Masons lead the movement, but because the Masonic lodge structure of that time allowed for the implementation of free thought for the development of an organized military.
Freemasonry in 1770, much as it is today, was far more of a social organization than a political order. It is reasonable to think that many of its members were not aware of the organization’s political influences in the 1700s. If this was not so, then surely our current history books would have placed Freemasonry as a political force in America in the late eighteenth century. Publicity was not their way to a means, but rather secrecy and organization around certain beliefs.
The key thing to remember about Freemasonry is that it was, as it is today, an International Organization in the 1700s, definitely not just an American Organization. In the eighteenth century, the main governing bodies of Freemasonry were in Scotland, France, and England. The man taking credit for planning Washington, D.C. was a Frenchman. It is ironic to think that the rebellious colonies that separated themselves from England, were developed around the beliefs of Freemason supporters with mother lodges from England and Scotland. If, as is often surmised, Washington, D.C. was laid out to perform some sort of Freemasonry function or to commemorate this organization, then it commemorates an International Organization.
Among the several portraits of George Washington on display in the White House is one which shows the double headed eagle of modern Scottish Rite Freemasonry carved on the leg of a table next to Washington. The same double eagle can be found on the flag in a second portrait of Washington. This tends to confirm George Washington’s affiliation with Freemasonry and the precursors of the modern Scottish Rite. 
The connections seem obvious and allow us to be proud of our Fraternity’s place in the founding of our Country.
This article was compiled and edited from information found using Internet Searches on Freemasonry in the United States in the 1700’s. This notice/disclaimer is intended to recognize those sources and the use of their content and any editing that was done. 
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Jerry Best 32˚
Master of Kadosh