From the Master of Kadosh (January, 2019)

posted Jan 2, 2019, 2:24 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Fraternal greetings!  I hope everyone enjoyed the various holiday celebrations including Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year.  Typically, around the New Year people decide to adopt new positive habits and let go of some bad habits.  As such, I felt in this month’s article I would share a possible new habit for you to consider, if you’re not already engaging in it, which is meditation.  I will describe a meditation I attempt to do every day for at least 20 minutes.  I hope you try it, at least once, and give it some serious consideration.  I have been meditating for several years now, and I’ve seen significant benefits, including better concentration, clarity, calm, and overall peaceful feelings.

A Meditation for Love and Light

Begin the meditation by sitting in a comfortable position with your back as straight as possible.  Place your hands on your lap or in a folded position.  Ensure that you are in a safe and quite space, free from distractions.  First, tell yourself that there is nothing else to do at this time other than meditate.  Give yourself permission to free yourself from life’s demands and take a moment for yourself.  Next, with your eyes open and not focusing on anything in particular, take three or four deep breaths.  In through the nose and out through the mouth.  Next, softly close your eyes.  Feel your body weight as it presses against the chair.  Feel where your body comes into contact with the surface and feel yourself sinking down into your chair.  Next, focus on your tongue.  For three breaths, notice any particular tastes in your mount.  Just noticing the taste, and not trying to judge or classify the tastes.  Also attempt to clear your thoughts, and if your thoughts wander, bring it back to focusing on your tongue, or any other aspect of the meditation. 

After three breaths of focusing on your tongue, shift your attention to your nose.  Notice, for three breaths, any scents in the air. 

Next, focus on your hearing.  Listen for three to five breaths any sounds in the environment.  Try not to get stuck on any particular sound but listen for any subtle sounds that are in your environment.  Again, don’t try to classify the sounds, just experience them coming in and out of existence.  Try to listen for the silence in between the sounds. 

Next start to scan down through your body.  Start at the top of your head.  Move down from the top of your head, through your face, down your neck, to your left arm, then your right arm, then back down the back of your back, then to the left side, then the right side, then down from your throat through your torso.  Next, scan the left leg to the toes, then the right leg to the toes.  As you do this try to notice any type of lingering feelings that are latent in the body.  Overall try to assess how you are feeling today and become aware of the various sensations in your body.  Again, don’t judge any particular feeling, just notice, and don’t get stuck on any particular area or part.

Next, take a moment to focus on what you want to achieve through the meditation.  I typically say “God, I would like to be filled with your Love and Your Light, such that it will create inner and outer space, silence, and equanimity for the benefit of myself and others.”

 Next, focus on your breathing.  Start to notice the subtle places in your body where your breathing causes movement.  It may be in your stomach or chest.  Count your breathing, relax, and just notice the flow of air in and out of the nose.  After about five to ten counts, proceed to the next step.

Next, softly begin to notice and or visualize a beam of pure light coming from heaven down to you on the top of your head.  Begin the notice the light entering your body and proceeding down to the tips of your toes.  Begin to visualize and/or feel the pure light filling up your toes, then moving to your feet, then moving up your calves into your thighs.  Next the light moves up through your stomach, up to your heart and lungs, and then up to the tops of your shoulders and then down through your arms.  Feel the warmth and space that the pure light brings.  Believe that it is dissolving any negativity and restoring positivity, harmony and health.  After the light has gone down through your fingers, bring your attention back up to your neck and feel the pure light going up your neck, into your face, through your brain, up your chin, mouth, nose, eyes, forehead, all the way up to the crown of your head.

Once you have visualized and/or felt the pure light filling you up, then take a moment to just think about nothing.  Just feel your body filled up with light and clear your thoughts.  When you are done with this phase, start to pull your attention back to your body.  Start to notice any sounds in the environment again, for a breath or two.  Start to notice any scents with your nose for a couple of breaths, then any tastes on your tongue for the same duration.  Then notice your body weight pressing down on the seat for a couple of breaths.  Finally open your eyes, and don’t focus on anything in particular.  Just feel the sensations in your body and make a commitment to yourself to try and carry this feeling with you throughout the day.  Then stretch your arms a bit and remind yourself what you are doing next in your day.  With this the meditation is complete.

I hope that this has been helpful for you and I encourage you to try this meditation.  Sometimes people fear mediation and feel it’s too difficult, but rest assured nobody when they start are perfect, and their mind wanders.  Even experienced meditations have their mind wander.  They key is not to get angry, just bring your focus back in, and relax.  Somedays will be better than others, and it’s ok.

I wish you all well on your journey for more Light!