From the Master of Kadosh (February 2019)

posted Feb 10, 2019, 4:41 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

I am honored to be the Master of Kadosh, San Jose Consistory for 2019.

I come from a Masonic family.  My father belonged to Scottish Rite in Oakland.  In 1974 I joined Masonry and became a Master Mason of California #1 in San Francisco, with my father as Master of the Lodge and my brother as 3rd base.  My father introduced me to Scottish Rite in Oakland.  However,  I began my Scottish Rite degrees in San Francisco and completed my degrees in San Jose.

Our charity, Rite Care, touches my heart as our son was born deaf.  Learning to speak and to read lips was difficult for him.  Although his oral language needs were addressed by special classes/school and therapists, we became very aware of the needs of children with speech disabilities and all the repercussions.  It affects them all their lives.

In the 90’s, my wife, Sandy, and I participated in a Los Altos Masonic Tour of England and Scotland lead by Brother Ed Fenton.  During our tour we visited Scotland and England’s Grand Lodges, Templar churches, very old English Masonic Lodge Rooms and toured the Rosslyn Chapel before it became so popular.  The Masonic influence Great Brittan has had on the US is significant and has made us very aware of how deep our Masonic roots are.

The more one learns of Masonry and Scottish Rite, the more you want to learn.

Giles Morgan’s Freemasonry, Its History and Myths Revealed goes into detail about how Masonry has been the victim of international bigotry and intolerance.  Of particular note was Gabriel Jogand-Poges, writing as Leo Taxil in the 1880’s Paris, France.  He became a Mason, but was eventually rejected by the Brotherhood.  He adopted Catholicism and wrote a number of books exposing the secrets of Masonry, portraying “Freemasons as satanic and devil worshipers who engaged is the most appalling and debased behavior during their rites and rituals”  His works were very popular in Europe.  His works on Masonry were also anti-Semitic and ‘portrayed the ceremonies as fantastical and demonic.”  He wrote that the punishment for Masons “who betrayed the Brotherhood secrets was potential death.”  He concluded that the Masons must be ready to commit murder.  The Pope Leo XIII rewarded the author with a special honor of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher for his attacks on Masonry.

I am very proud to be a Member of Masonry and Scottish Rite.