From the Master of Kadosh (August 2020)

posted Jul 27, 2020, 5:21 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Continued from last month

I mentioned that it was hotter in the summer up here in Penn Valley and now it is getting to 102 deg. At mid day.  My sister said she needs A?C on most of the time at her house close by.  Well I’m from Boston and the Bay Area and I thought I didn’t need any A?C up here.. But after the fist two weeks of summer I now leave the A?C on until sunset.

The ocean influence down in the Bay can’t be beat, but here at 2000 ft altitude there is slightly less oxygen and it is much brighter, you really have to shield your eyes from the daytime brightness.  Also, the pollen of the farming that comes across the great Central Valley and mixes with pollen from all the trees in the hills takes some getting used to, especially in the nose and eyes.  And I can tell you, there are many, many trees here.

There are two Masonic lodges near-by; One in Grass Valley (Madison #32); and (Nevada #13) in Nevada City about 4 miles further up.  Both are very nice Lodges in older buildings in the center of each town.  This year MW John Trauner is Grand Master Of CA and is a member of Grass Valley lodge.  His ancestors and family have lived on their ranch in the nearby town of Rough and Ready initially since around 1845.  A real old Gold Rush Family tree history.

About 20 miles down lower from Penn Valley in the Great Central Valley there are Masonic Lodges in both Marysville and Yuba City and the Beale US Airbase is also located there.  Beal A>B> is a military home for the older Lockheed U@ and SR71 spy planes.   The are on exhibit there along with other aircraft and several times each year they hold an event for the public by security reservation only.  I had hoped that our SJSR group would be able to come up and visit the Gold mine and the Airbase, but it can be scheduled for next year if our new Master so desires.  If so, I would like to help.

I want to mention that the northern most major facility for Scottish Rite Bodies in CA is located in Sacramento and I plan to attend the SR mysteries even there on Saturday September 12.  Sacramento is about 60 miles south of my home.