From the Master of Kadosh (May 2019)

posted May 7, 2019, 7:13 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 7, 2019, 7:20 PM ]

There is considerable speculation about the founding of Scottish Rite, but most agree that there is an inseparable link to the Scottish Jacobite cause of the 17th and 18th centuries.  (Efforts to put the Stuarts back on the British throne)

When looking up the history of Scottish Rite Masonry as early as 1733 a reference to “Scotch Masons’ Lodge appeared in a manuscript list of lodges  by Dr. Richard Rawlinson.  The early designations “Scotts,” “Scotch,” and “Scottish” refer to a type of Masonry practiced, rather than referring to native Scottsmen.  Early Scottish Degrees, after the Master Mason’s Degree were created in 1734-35 as “Excellent Mason” and “Grand Mason.”  These Scottish Degrees are older than Royal Arch Degrees.
Did you know that the “Supreme Council at Charleston,” as it was sometimes called, was the first Supreme Council of the 33 degree in the world.  It continues to exist today as the Supreme Council, 33 degree, Southern Jurisdiction although the headquarters were moved to Washington DC about 1870.  In its early days, the Supreme Council exercised authority over the entire USA as well President of the Supreme Council of Masons of the Untied States. By 1734-35, the Supreme Council issued “warrants of Constitution” to create Sublime Grand Lodges of Perfection (which administered 4-14 degrees) and Grand Councils of Princes of Jerusalem (administering 15-16 degrees). The Supreme Council only exercised direct control for degrees over 16.
In the earliest days of Scottish Rite the high degrees were conferred only on Past Masters, or virtual Past Masters of Blue Lodges.  In an agreement the Supreme Council At Charleston, organized a Supreme Council for France. The title “Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite” was used for the first time. Beginning with the administration of Grand Commander Albert Pike in 1859, the title, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, became generally used in the Southern Jurisdiction. 
All jurisdictions of Scottish Rite in the world operate independently.  The Northern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite in the US was formed in 1813 and consists of 15 Northeastern States, headquartered in Lexington, Mass. 

The Southern District separates the degrees as follows:

        Lodge of Perfection           4 – 14
        Chapter of Rose Croix     15 - 18
        Council of Kadosh            19 – 39
        Consistory                       31 – 33

 The Northern Jurisdiction separates the degrees as follows:

           Lodge of Perfection                      4 – 14
           Council of Prince of Jerusalem     15 – 16
           Chapter of Rose Croix                17 – 18
           Consistory                                 19 – 33 


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