From the Master of Kadosh (April 2019)

posted Mar 29, 2019, 7:39 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Did you realize that “as many as 80,000 to 200,000 Freemasons were killed by the Nazi regime during WWII?  In Mein Kamf, Hitler declared the Freemasonry had “succumbed to the Jews”.  Even Henry Ford was “strongly anti-Semitic and viewed Freemasons as being a part of a Jewish conspiracy to control the United States of America.”    “He wrote that ‘Jewish Gamblers Corrupt American Baseball’ and said ‘Jewish Jazz Becomes our National Music’.    Finally he compiled his articles of hatred into a book ’with the repugnant title of The International Jew:  The World’s Foremost Problem.  The book became a bestseller both in America and abroad.  It was greeted with great personal enthusiasm by Adolf Hitler himself.  He even kept a picture of Ford in his office.  Ford would argue that the role of the Freemasons in America was in fact to shift attention away from the labyrinthine anti-American plots of the Jews.  He later apologized publicly for his anti-Semitic outpourings, although it seems unlikely he felt and genuine regret about them.”  Quotes from Freemasonry Its History and Myths Revealed by Giles Morgan, PP 160-161.

The Freemasons and members of Scottish Rite are active today, and represent good men who care about family, our brothers, our communities, our country and our God.  Have you noticed that if you need help from a brother all you have to do is let it be known that help is needed?  Have you noticed that 50 year wedding anniversaries are normal for us?  Have you noticed that the more involved you are, the more you receive in return?

In our society men often find themselves isolated, moving often, and spending their time at work, or spending their time on the electronic devices, often alone.  Is it any surprise that some non-Masons might misinterpret who we are?

Let your non-Masonic friends know you are a Mason and a member of Scottish Rite.    Let them know the charities we support and the friends you have met and can count on.   Together we can accomplish more than we can by ourselves.