From the Master of Kadosh (June, 2008)

posted May 2, 2015, 8:43 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 2, 2015, 8:43 PM ]
In May, I presented some of Brother Manly P. Hall’s qualifications of a true Mason. This month I am going share more of his thoughts on this subject for your consideration. Here they are:
A true Mason knows that his work is not secret but realizes that it must remain unknown to all who do not live the true Masonic life. Yet, if the so-called secrets of Freemasonry are shouted from the rooftops or broadcast on the Internet, the Fraternity is absolutely safe. These disclosures reveal merely the outward forms and ceremonies of Freemasonry. Only those “who have been weighed in the balance and found to be true, upright, and square have prepared themselves by their own growth to appreciate the inner meanings of their craft”.
A Mason is not proud of position. He is not “puffed up” by his honor, but with a seeking heart is eternally ashamed of his own place, realizing that it is far below the standard of his Craft. A true Mason never feels worthy of his Craft.
A Mason cannot be ordained or elected by ballot. He is evolved through the years of self-purification and spiritual change. There are thousands of Masons who are brethren in name only, for their failure to follow the ideals of their Craft makes them unresponsive to the teachings and purpose of Freemasonry. When this fact is better lived, “Freemasonry will awake, and speak the Word so long withheld”.
The true Mason knows the value of seeking the truth wherever he can find it. The Masonic Lodge is universal; therefore all true Masons will seek through the “extremities of creation for their light”. He must search for the high things in lowly places and find the lowly things in high places.
I believe these attributes or characteristics give us all plenty to think and TALK about. I hope to see you at the June stated Meeting and dinner.

Chuck Cowden, 32°
Master of Kadosh