From the Commander of Kadosh (September 2017)

posted Aug 31, 2017, 2:31 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

It was a “long weekend”—but it turned out just fine. Beginning that Friday morning with many of our Scottish Rite family arriving at the San Jose Masonic Center to help with the lodge-room set-up for the evening Cornerstone Awards Ceremony. San Jose Pyramid No, 9 Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots hosts this annual event. And I’ve got to tell you the work that Randy Downey, Gregg Hall, Brandon Duenas, Chris Hall and Alan Porjesz, plus the Awards Committee, do in putting on an event like this is most outstanding. From the getting all the paraphernalia, cornerstones, awards, tables, seating, posters, pictures and programs, etc.–year after year–really takes noteworthy skill and dedication. Then comes the cooking and preparation of meals for some 130 attendees plus the seating and setup of the 16 tables with chairs.

   This was the first year in the last twelve that all of the Santa Clara Valley Lodge Masters and each of their award recipients were present together for this award ceremony. The Lodge-room was packed and Randy conducted the show in his inimitable style. It went off without a hitch.—joyful, fun and spectacular, yet solemn and sincere to show our appreciation to all eleven of the Masonic Cornerstone Award recipients. Then of course came the clean-up and put away detail.

   Next on Saturday morning was a formal Sciots Meeting which included a reception for Bro. Charles Schuert “The Supreme Pharaoh of All Sciotry”. He filled us in on the latest Sciots events including the news that “our Cornerstone type Awards Ceremony” was also being established at a Sciots Pyramid in Southern California.

   On the agenda after lunch was a visit to the San Jose Rosicrucian Museum to see and explore many ancient Egyptian artifacts and exhibits including a replica of King Tut’s tomb. We also visited the Rosicrucian Planetarium next door and viewed a movie show depicting “our” sun and solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy and other galaxy(s), including the rest of the “known universe” (and the universe is BIG. . . . really BIG). Our Sciots  weekend was topped off with the Supreme Pharaoh and San Jose Sciots and friends at a semi-buffet style dinner at Harry’s Hofbrau. Yes! This was a “full form’ fraternal fun week-end. For those who have not yet attended a Cornerstone Awards Ceremony perhaps it will be on your schedule for next year.

Dell Bleiler, Commander of Kadosh