From the Commander of Kadosh (October 2017)

posted Oct 6, 2017, 11:18 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite
Two items for this month. The trip report to the Corps of Engineers “Bay Model”;  and the 500th year anniversary of “The Reformation”.

The trip to the Bay-Delta model went well. Traveling over the Golden Gate Bridge and through Sausalito to the Visitor Center with parking on the right at the “big’ old W.W. II supply building.
A short walk took us to the entrance and reception desk where we received our maps and instructions for one of the free tour options—we chose the self-guided one. Wow! This is one big high cavernous building, I mean “real Big”.

  It starts out up the ramp to follow the numbered steps provided on the tour map. From the enormous color mountain paintings on the walls from the Mt. Shasta area to the south it gives the impression that you are really there. The visual impact is quite awesome. Then you can sit down for a 15 minute video of an overview of the whole model itself.  
  Next is the “long circuitous walk” touring the individual but connected areas of the  Delta – Napa/ San Pablo Bay – Carquinez Straight – East Bay – Golden Gate/ Central Bay – South Bay/ Alviso Area – Suisun Bay – Sacramento and San Joaquin River/ Delta areas all in 3-D relief.
 What an exhibit! Our tour took bout two hours and yet to digest it all would have taken even longer—or required a second visit. The detail was superb and you could even see the water moving in and out over the whole model with the simulated tides. This is a “must see” to appreciate how big and glorious “our” San Francisco Bay and especially the Delta region really is.

 Next: While 2017 is a celebration for our 300th year of currently organized Freemasonry there is also another celebration this year. It is occurrence of the 500th year of the Christian Lutheran religious Reformation Movement that began in Germany by the reverend Pastor Dr. Martin Luther in September of 1517. Luther’s daring proclamation of his explicit interpretation of the bible led him to be at odds with many predominant church leaders and doctrine. Among his long struggle to present his facts and point of view were his long walk from Germany over the Alps Mountains in the middle of winter on foot to Rome to seek understanding by the Vatican. While he was unsuccessful in that effort his views and doctrine have become recognized and accepted over the ages in the form of Lutheran and Reformed Christian Churches of worship in many other countries.


Dell Bleiler, Commander of Kadosh