From the Commander of Kadosh (February 2020)

posted Jan 26, 2020, 5:15 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

As the newly installed Commander of the San Jose Council of Kadosh, I thank the members of the San Jose Bodies for this opportunity to serve.


The heads of the Bodies are planning a number of social events and tours for 2020.  If there is an activity you think would be of interest to the members and their families, please contact us with your ideas or suggestions.


I have been a member of the San Jose Scottish Rite Bodies for many years but it recently dawned on me I had no idea of the meaning of “Kadosh”.  As the Commander of the Council it became time to do some research.


Kadosh is a Hebrew word meaning: holy; consecrated; sacred; separated.  In the Scottish Rite the Council degrees are the 19th through the 30th.  Some sources call the 19th through 29th degrees the Aerophagus degrees.  This is the name of a rock in Athens where trials were held that involved homicide. The 30th degree is the Knight Kadosh or Templar’s degree.  In all the degrees of the Council, there appears to be a common thread of seeking justice and truth.


If you have not started already, consider taking the Master Craftsman courses.  Master Craftsman gives you a chance to take the time and look at the lessons of each of the degrees at your own pace.  When I took Craftsman One, there seemed to be a common story thread that progressed from one degree to the next. Excellent resources are provided and the writings give a good idea why a college has offered classes in the literature of Masonry.