From the Commander of Kadosh (August 2020)

posted Jul 27, 2020, 5:24 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Brother Alexander K. Coney, 32nd Degree (1844-1897) was the husband of Rosalina de Coney who brought the heart of her murdered brother, Jose Cairo, to Oakland for burial.  Cairo was a Mexican Masonic martyr.

Brother Coney was the Mexican Consul General to the United States.  How he received that appointment is quite a story.

In 1976, Brother Coney was the purser on the steamship, City of Havana. While in the Gulf of Mexico, a Mexican national boarded the ship under a false name.  His real name was Porfinio Diaz, a former General who, at the time, had lead a failed revolt against the Mexican government.

The ship stopped at a port and some Mexican soldiers boarded.  Diaz tried to escape by jumping overboard but was saved by Coney.  Coney and Diaz determined they were Masons.  At that time Masonic membership was important in Mexican high society.  Coney was able to save Diaz from the Mexican Government again during the voyage.

Soon after this episode, Diaz became President of Mexico and rewarded Coney with the position of Consul General to France and later made Coney the new Consul General to the United States based in San Francisco.

Unlike his wife who is buried in Oakland, Brother Coney is buried in Colma.  The Coneys had a son, Joseph who later made his mark in the Bay Area.