From the Commander (March, 2009)

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A little Scottish Rite Education Scottish Rite - Northern Jurisdiction

Most of us who belong to the Southern Jurisdiction don't know that there is a Northern Jurisdiction comprised of 15 States. Their geography begins in Wisconsin in the West, across the Northern states as far South as Ohio and New Jersey, thence North through New York and New England.  Their new Headquarters are in Lexington, MA, a mile from where our American Revolution began. Their Rite consists of 29 Degrees, divided into four bodies, the Lodge of Perfection (4th -14th degrees), Council of Princes of Jerusalem (15th - 16th degrees), Chapter of Rose Croix (17th - 18th degrees) and the Consistory (19th -32nd degrees).Titles of few of their Degrees match those of ours. Some of their  major degrees are the Master of Traveler (4th), Grand Elect Mason (14th), Grand Pontiff (18th) and Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret (32nd).

Ross Fuller  
Commander — Council of Kadosh