From the Commander, Council of Kadosh (March, 2016)

posted Apr 1, 2016, 12:02 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Apr 1, 2016, 12:02 PM ]
‘The info found in this article is taken from the SCOTTISH RITE RITUAL MONITOR and GUIDE.’
The San Jose Council of Kadosh is the Body responsible for the 19th through the 30th Scottish Rite Degrees, known as the “Philosophical and Chivalric Degrees.”
The Council Degrees exemplify various philosophical and religious traditions, as well as our Orders of Knighthood, as embodying principles and ideas promulgated by our Rite. Their precepts, teachings and ideas illustrate what must be encountered, understood and employed on the path to greater Truth and Knowledge.
The 20th Degree is named THE MASTER of the SYMBOLIC LODGE—Truth, Justice Toleration as the rule of Life, Conduct and Conversation.
The lessons of this Degree include the admonition to make your life count! You are introduced to the great Law Givers—men who have learned great truths and devoted their lives to the betterment of all Mankind.
You are given advanced teachings on how one should conduct one’s self in dealing with your fellowman. In all ways maintain dignity, listen patiently, weigh all things deliberately and dispassionately, and decide impartially. Live knowing that you represent the Fraternity at all times.
Regarding the January 26, 2016 san Jose Scottish Rite Bodies Officer’s Installation:
Thanks to our Personal Representative—Ill. And Most Worshipful Kenneth G. Nagel, 33rd Degree, for performing the Officer’s Installation. The Installed Officers were also honored by a visit from Sovereign Grand Inspector General, Ill. And Most Worshipful Frank Loui, 33rd Degree, and his wife.
Thanks to Secretary of all Bodies, Hank Vlcek, 32nd Degree, for assisting in planning and preparing the Officer’s Installation.
And special thanks to Angela Athans for after-the-installation-food-preparation. All in attendance at the Installation were treated to an impressively decorated dining room where the food was served. Kudos to you, Angela, for your impressive talents and service!! 

Ill. Roger Bibb, 33°, Commander