From the Commander, Council of Kadosh (July, 2015)

posted Jul 18, 2015, 2:26 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Jul 18, 2015, 2:26 PM ]


The month of June is almost gone.  With it  goes Father’s Day,  Summer Solstice, the first day of Spring, and the “I am glad to be out of school for a while “ parties.  The super hot days of summer will soon be upon us and we will all be looking for places to cool off in.  The malls, theaters, and swimming spots are getting packed and the ice cream parlors have unending lines.  With the water shortage being what it is, we are restricted from even turning on a sprinkler to run under. I have tried cave/cavern hunting and exploring but there are only so many caves around the area.  So be resourceful, think of other things to do, to keep the kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces from going bonkers and driving you to the same end.  And if you find something good, let me know ASAP.
As stated in last month’s Rite Word, Wednesday evening (July 29th) at 7:00 PM was chosen by the Council of Kadosh as the night of outing (a night to go out with your better half or best friends for a special dinner and drink).  Reservations have been made for a private patio/balcony at The Grand View Restaurant and Venue.  But since space will be limited, the cut-off date for reservations will be the 15th of July.  I will be needing names and number of members in your party in a timely manner.  Please call me or Roger Bibb at the numbers below to set you reservation.
The restaurant is located 4.1 miles up Mt. Hamilton Rd from the intersection of Alum Rock Ave and Mt Hamilton Rd.  Should you want more information about the restaurant, the address and phone number are below.
The Grand View Restaurant & Venue, 15005 Mt Hamilton Rd, SJ, 95140  Phone (408)251-890
Hope to see many of you up there.
Be well and GOD BLESS YOU ALL !

Will Montoya,  Commander, Council of Kadosh