From the Commander (April, 2009)

posted May 14, 2015, 2:19 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 14, 2015, 2:20 PM ]
In keeping with the Grand Master’s program to try to re-energize our Masonic Youth Orders, I submit to you the following article and although it is from an older publication, it is nonetheless valuable.
Order of DeMolay
Although it has been more than 650 years since Jacques DeMolay died as a martyr to truth and fidelity, the ideas for which he gave his life are being perpetuated by young men the world over as members of the Order of DeMolay.
A youth organization open to young men between the ages of 13 and 21, DeMolay is separate and distinct from any affiliation, including Masonry.  Membership is not restricted to relatives of Masons, but open to all who merit the honor.
It is a youth organization that shares many precepts with Freemasonry and many DeMolays later join Masonic Lodges.  More than 100 have become Grand Masters.  Like Masonry, it has a beautiful ritual with invaluable moral lessons.
Since its founding by Frank Land over half a century ago, nearly 3,000,000 young men have knelt at altars of 2,500 chapters in 11 countries and territories.  Among leaders in school and community, DeMolays have gone on to distinguished careers in business, government, military, entertainment and athletics.
Men such as Walt Disney, John Wayne, Chet Huntley, Vaugh Monroe, Bob Mathias, Fred MacMurry, Alvin Dark, John Steinbeck, and countless others have been DeMolays.
On the 50th anniversary of DeMolay, Walter Cronkite wrote in part, “DeMolay does a lot for a young man of today.  It provides a valuable supplement to the principles and guidelines he has been taught by his parents, the school, and the church . . .  Heaven only knows we read, hear and see a lot of ‘what’s wrong with young people today.’  We need DeMolay for the youth of our country.”

Ross Fuller  
Commander — Council of Kadosh