From the Chief Knight (September 2019)

posted Sep 6, 2019, 12:42 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Newly Knighted:

Sir Knight Mike Lammer and Sir Knight Cesar Otero


I’d like to congratulate Sir Knight Mike Lammer on also being elevated to the level of Knight of the First Order within the San Jose Knights of St Andrew Chapter.

These two ceremonies were performed at the August Masonic Get-Together aka Smoker. Everyone that attended the Get-Together stated that it was a nice touch to the event.

If you are interested in joining the Knights of St Andrew Chapter, please talk to any member of the Chapter or you can reach out to our Chapter’s Secretary, Angelo Encarnacion at email:

Future KSA Chapter Activities:

Aug 31st – Sept 1st, Scottish Highland Gathering and Games, Pleasanton, CA. KSA Chapters from the Valleys of San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Stockton and Sacramento have been invited to participate in our booth this year. If you are free and would like to attend, here is the website for the event.

KSA Events of the Future:

1.September 15th, at noon KSA Stated Meeting in the SJSR Conference Room, followed by sword tactics.

2. October 20th, at noon KSA Stated Meeting in the SJSR Conference Room followed.