From the Chief Knight ( February 2019)

posted Feb 10, 2019, 4:38 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

The Most Powerful Freemasons Ever.  By Eric Goldschein and Robert Johnson

Including one third of the U.S. presidents. Freemasons have over six-million members worldwide.  The following is a list of some powerful members -- who took the secret vow.

Benjamin Franklin became a member of Saint John's Lodge in Philadelphia, a few years after starting his own society -- the Leathern Apron Club

George Washington performed Mason rites when breaking ground at the Capitol

Mozart became a Mason and composed 600 pieces of music

Simón Bolívar- was a 33rd degree mason- South American liberator and political leader

Mark Twain joined a St. Louis lodge

Winston Churchill contributed to Freemasonry his entire life, along with being a two time British Prime Minister and honorary citizen of the United States

Franklin D. Roosevelt was member

J. Edgar Hoover  became a Master Mason by age 25, became a Thirty-Third Degree Inspector General Honorary in 1955, and was given the Grand Cross of Honor -- the highest recognition by the Scottish Rite -- in 1965.

Earl Warren was one of five Masonic judges

Jesse Jackson played an active role in his lodge

John Elway is a perpetual lifetime member, a two-time Super Bowl champion

Other big names include:

John Jacob Astor, Andrew Jackson, William "Bud" Abbott, Salvador Allende, Benedict Arnold, Nat King Cole, Samuel Colt, Duke Ellington, James Naismith, Scottie Pippen, Michael Richards, all seven Ringling brothers, Strom Thurmond, Shaquille O'Neal, Paul Revere, Oscar Wilde, Denton T. "Cy" Young, and John Wayne -- to name a few.

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