From the Chief Knight (February 2018)

posted Feb 8, 2018, 2:49 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

As we continue our Mason Journey into the year 2018. I would like to remind every ANCIENT AND ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE member and especially our KNIGHTS of

The Three Duties and The Nine  Qualities of a Knight of Saint Andrew.

As an organization the Chapter of the Knights of St. Andrew has its duties and obligations to the Valley within the Scottish Rite, whether it be the cleaning and maintenance of our Scottish Rite Temple, assisting in the serving of meals at stated meetings or events and subsequent clean up the banquet rooms and/or kitchen or assisting in various locations and positions during the Scottish Rite Reunions.

Apart from maintaining these duties as an organization, Knights also have duties to themselves and their communities. Duties which when maintained allow a Knight's "Armor" to shine from the Light emitted from within. That light emitted by their character as true Knights and Men. These duties which once accomplished will always be required to be fulfilled time and again, more especially in this time and age.

The three duties are as follows:

To reverence and obey Deity, to serve Truth and oppose Falsehood.

To protect virtue and innocence against violence, fraud and defamation.

To battle manfully for the truth and the right, for free speech and free thought, and to defend the people against all usurpation and tyranny, in all its guises.

The performance of these duties alone do not make a knight's "armor" shine, but rather the combination of these duties in conjunction with the nine qualities of a Knight of St. Andrew. For it is through the maintaining and constant seeking of improvement of these qualities within one's self that a Knight in performance of his duties to himself, his community and his valley truly shine. These qualities of a Knight of St. Andrew which help him shine as a true Knight, Mason and Man of Character.

These nine qualities are:






 Trust and






Naresh Rampershad

Chief Knight of the Knights of St. Andrew –San Jose Scottish Rite