From the Chief Knight (December 2018)

posted Dec 29, 2018, 11:07 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Many Masons and the profane as well, have had a keen interest in the history of Freemasonry. Many books on Masonic history were written, numbered in the thousands, but only a few centered around the ancient ties and myths associated with Freemasonry


Is it truth or myth? That has been the question of the ages. Its origin is lost in the abyss of unexplored antiquity. No historical records or accounts can point out the precise place or time of its beginnings. 


As Freemasons, we are aware of our American history back through the Civil War and the fight for independence from England. Our Declaration of Independence was supported by many Freemasons, most notably George Washington, our first President of the United States as well as our first Grand Master. However, Benjamin Franklin played a historic role in our history. The genius of Franklin was so overwhelming and manifested in so many directions that no paper can list his achievements. Printer, author, editor, inventor, scientist, diplomat; founder of schools, postal systems, government; ambassador, wit, speaker; philosopher, politician and Freemasonry, that he was one of the most gifted men of all time. Franklin was not merely a Lodge member, content with that and nothing more, but a Freemason intensely interested in the Craft. Franklin was initiated in 1731 in St. John's Lodge in Pennsylvania. Franklin's membership immediately changed his style of writing in his print shop, the Gazette. He published story after story about Freemasonry in America in general and in Pennsylvania in particular. They have become foundation stones on which is erected the early history of Freemason in this nation. (In the interest of space this article will continue).


I proudly announce Knighting of Knights’ John A John Absalon, Daniel Webb and Jerome Alipio.
On the same day, Sunday November 11th the following Knights were elevated to KOTFO:  Angelo Encarnacion, Marshall Wallace, John Absalon.


KSA Events of the Future: December 16th at noon KSA Stated Meeting in the SJSR Library followed by election of new officers.   As we are approaching the end of the calendar year, please plan to attend, participate in our elections, and planning for 2019 and further.  

This is a gentle reminder that if there is any need for a flag detail for Blue Lodge officers’ installations. Please have your request in no later than 3 weeks before the actual installation date.  This will give us enough time to coordinate for available Knights as well as to schedule practice if need be.

Naresh Rampershad