February 2010 Notes and News

posted May 19, 2015, 12:48 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

The Scottish Rite Scholarship Application is now on-line but …...

...the deadline for the applications for this year is now behind us.  Please help next year’s effort by getting students who will be eligible for the 2011 Scholarships “up to speed” and prepared early.  Many of the applications received this year were postmarked on the very last day of the deadline.  Although the cost of a college education has increased dramatically, a potential 4 year grant from the San Jose Scottish Rite Foundation for $2,500 per year, or $10,000 for four years is no t “chicken feed”.
* * * * 
Join us at our Stated Meeting this month for a reception honoring M.W. Ken Nagel, Grand Master of Masons in California.  We promise to keep the meeting short, the introductions minimum, and all else at the highest level of enjoyment possible!

* * * * 
Are you participating in any of the Scottish Rite Degrees, in any way?  If not, and that is something that you might enjoy, then call our Secretary and he will put you in touch with one of the degree directors.  (It is possible that he might adopt you to help him in the preparation and
production of a degree.)

* * *  *
Again, congratulations are in order for all the new officers, both elected and appointed.  In addition, the comments received have been very complementary for the entire evening.  All Installing Officers, including the Knights of St. Andrew are to be complemented for outstanding work!