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There are four coordinate bodies within the Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction:
1. Lodge of Perfection, 4°-14° (presiding officer - Venerable Master)
2. Chapter of Rose Croix, 15°-18° (presiding officer - Wise Master)
3. Council of Kadosh, 19°- 30° (presiding officer - Commander)
4. Consistory, 31°- 32° (presiding officer - Master of Kadosh)
Some Valleys may not have all four divisions. In such cases, their candidates receive Council, Chapter or Consistory work in neighboring Valleys. 
     In addition, we have added a new section which we call The Court of Honour. 
1. Knight Commander of the Court of Honour, K:.C:.C:.H:. 
     The Scottish Rite confers a number of honors upon members who have contributed extraordinary service to the Rite, to Masonry in general, and to the world at large. The first of these is the Rank and Decoration of a Knight Commander of the Court of Honour (KCCH), which may be conferred after a minimum of 46 months of membership (usually much longer) and is strictly limited in numbers. A KCCH may, after 46 months at that rank (but usually longer), receive the 33rd degree, Inspector General Honorary. This award is even more limited in numbers than the KCCH. 
2. Inspector General Honorary, 33o 
     All Scottish Rite jurisdictions nominate a select few members to receive the 33rd Degree, Inspector General Honorary, in recognition of outstanding service to the Rite, or in public life, to the principles taught in the degrees. In the Southern Jurisdiction, the Supreme Council chooses 33rd degree members from among those who have previously received the rank and decoration of Knight Commander Court of Honor. The KCCH is bestowed in a Ceremonial of Investiture in recognition of outstanding service to the Rite, or in public life, to the principles taught in the degrees. 
3. Grand Cross of the Court of Honour 
     Finally, a very small number of 33rd Degree Inspectors General Honorary may be recognized with the Grand Cross of the Court of Honor; at the present time, there are perhaps an average of three or four GC's per state. These honors are voted on biennially at the Session of the Supreme Council and conferred in various locations around the country in groups. The Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction consists of no more than 33 Active 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Masons, known as Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, no more than one per state/Orient. As there are more than 33 Orients, some will be governed by a Deputy. The Supreme Council is governed by a Sovereign Grand Commander. Unlike the Grand Master in Symbolic Masonry, these appointments are for life, although there are some provisions for retirement at advanced age. Replacements for these positions are made at the biennial Session of the Supreme Council.

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