Communication Disorders in Children

Durward C. Ayre, Ph.D

Clinic Director

To Hear - To Speak - To Understand

These are basic steps of language development in the young mind.

There are literally thousands of otherwise normal, healthy children, rich and poor alike, who are shut off from communication, even with their own parents! These children’s hearing, speech, language, or learning problems could arise from a variety of reasons.

Research continues on the causes of poor speech and language development, as well as associated learning disabilities in children. The Scottish Rite Masons support a Research Institute for these communication disorders.

Because there is a wide age range for children to begin talking, parents may not at first recognize these communication disorders. As they wait expectantly for the first intelligible word uttered by their child, they may gradually become concerned that something is amiss.

Speech-language disorders affect approximately six million children in the United States. However, many of these childhood problems do not mean mental deficiency or emotional disturbance. Often, these children have at least average or even superior intelligence. What they lack is the ability to exercise this intelligence through normal speech and language channels.

Today, at Scottish Rite clinics, children with communication disorders can be helped to hear, to speak, to understand.