posted May 20, 2015, 5:07 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 20, 2015, 5:07 PM ]
Stephanie is an engaging and sweet nine year old girl who is being seen once a week for speech and language therapy at the San Jose Scottish Rite Language Clinic.  Recently, Stephanie was placed into a group with a similar functioning peer.  Both children have benefitted greatly from each other and it is helping them to practice social skills by being together.  
When Stephanie originally came to our clinic, she presented with delayed language development as well as apraxia.   Apraxia creates a difficulty with producing, sequencing and coordinating oral movements.  Children with apraxia have a difficult time producing and combining sounds to create words.  As a result their speech can be difficult to understand, as was the case for Stephanie.  Her mother stated, “She had a very small vocabulary and couldn’t communicate clearly, even the most trivial things.”  
As Stephanie’s speech sounds improved, language goals were added to help develop her expressive and receptive language skills.  Stephanie is bi-lingual and her family speaks both English and Spanish.  There are many speech sound and language differences that can naturally occur when English is developing as a second language.  The errors and difficulties that Stephanie was experiencing however were present in both languages.
Mild speech sound errors are still present and Stephanie continues to occasionally mix up sounds in multi-syllabic words.  She is currently working on category vocabulary, grammar, expressing grammatically correct sentences, and social skill activities.  
Since Stephanie’s first therapy session her family has noticed a huge improvement in her speech.  Her mother stated, “Life at home has improved a lot.  Before she came home crying because other kids didn’t understand her and now we don’t have that problem.  It has been so rewarding to see that most people don’t even notice she has a problem.”  
Stephanie has made great progress and continues to work hard.  She is  eager to please and thrives when reinforced that she is doing well.  When asked about her experience at the clinic, Stephanie’s mother said, “Magnificent!  Everyone has been very professional and I’ve noticed every child is given a treatment to meet their own needs.”