posted May 23, 2015, 1:33 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
Samuel is an endearing ten year old boy who started services at our clinic because of severely decreased articulation and oral motor skills. When Samuel first came to the clinic he was severely unintelligible. He was missing early developmental sounds in his speech and had difficulty moving his tongue to articulate his sounds correctly. In addition, Samuel’s expressive language was below age-expectations. His parents commented that he was difficult to understand. They also mentioned that friends and family often remarked how hard it was to understand Samuel.
Since the initiation of treatment Samuel’s articulation skills have improved significantly. He has made gains with his sound development and tongue movement, as well as in areas such as vocabulary and expressive grammar. He is now working on more difficult sounds such as /th, r, l/ and /ch/. Helping Samuel’s speech and language development has been a family affair. His parents reported that not only do they help him with his speech homework, but his grandmother, and his siblings help him practice too. His family is very devoted to making sure Samuel makes his appointments. If his mom or dad can’t bring him to therapy, his grandmother brings him. Family dedication is one of the reasons Samuel has made such great progress. In addition, a reward system was implemented with Samuel to increase his motivation to practice at home. If Samuel practices at least two times during the week and marks it on the calendar in his speech folder, he gets to pick a prize at the end of the month. Samuel always gets his prize!
Samuel continues to work hard on his speech. His parents are pleased with how “wonderful it is to be able to communicate with our son.” Every Wednesday Samuel enjoys being with his speech buddy, Nick, for group treatment. They have a good time practicing their sounds and playing a few games too. Great job, Samuel!