posted May 13, 2015, 1:37 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 13, 2015, 1:37 PM ]
Om is a delightful little four year old boy who has been seen at the Scottish Rite Language Clinic twice per week for the last year.  He is regularly brought to therapy by his mother and father, who have taken an active role in Om’s treatment.
After concerns were reported by his parents, Om’s pediatrician recommended a speech and language evaluation.  The evaluation was performed by Om’s healthcare provider and speech and language therapy was recommended.  Unfortunately, Om’s healthcare company did not provide therapy services.  Om’s parents heard about the Scottish Rite Clinic from an organization called Parents Helping Parents. 
Om had a history of chronic ear infections and had had tubes placed in his ears that helped with drainage.  Often times chronic ear infections can impair speech and language development.  When your ears are blocked with drainage or infected, it impairs hearing.  This makes it harder for you to understand what is being said to you as well as hearing the auditory feedback of your own words.  This happened to Om at an important time in his speech and language development, thus causing a delay in his articulation skills.
Om began therapy services to work on correcting his speech sounds.  He has made tremendous progress and continues to make consistent gains.  He has turned into a very talkative, confident little boy.
Om’s mother stated that before therapy, “He hardly spoke a few words but now he is able to say 3-5 word sentences.  He has a new confidence and talks all the time.  We have seen remarkable changes.”  When asked how treatment has impacted their family she stated, “It has had a very positive impact.  As parents we are a lot less stressed about his condition.  We trust that we have found a great place for his treatment.”  
Om’s mother stated that the Scottish Rite Clinic is a friendly environment with skilled therapists and it was wonderful to find a place to provide free care to her child.  She stated, “I am extremely thankful to the Scottish Rite Clinic donors.  Our experience has been extremely delightful and pleasant.  This is the first non-profit organization which has touched us in our daily lives.  Thank you for your kind service, we highly appreciate it!”