posted May 26, 2015, 6:53 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 26, 2015, 6:54 PM ]
Nathan is a delightful nine year old boy who has been seen at the San Jose Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic two times a week for the last fifteen months. Nathan was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism before he started treatment at our clinic. His mother reported that, “Nathan had a very hard time speaking-he could not express himself and could not understand a whole lot when he was spoken to and he found it very hard to keep up.” Before starting therapy at our clinic, Nathan attended speech therapy at the Sacramento Scottish Rite Child Language Disorders Clinic. There Nathan worked on social language, such as using his words to communicate
with others as well as increasing his vocabulary. While coming to the San Jose Scottish Rite Clinic Nathan has been working on inferencing, following multi-step directions, answering why questions, sequencing and recalling details of passages read to him. Nathan is a caring, energetic child who smiles often and loves beating his clinician at checkers!!
Although Nathan continues to need help with social language, his Mother reported, “He is beginning to start and even keep up conversations with his peers. We are finally able to make small conversations with him. He is at a slow pace, but finally letting us know what he feels and what is happening at school.”
Nathan’s Mother recently filled out a survey about their experiences at our clinic. Since Nathan’s treatment began, his family noted that, “Nathan seems like a much more happier person which means a lot to us. Jenna, our therapist has aptly identified and has been working tirelessly on Nathan’s core problems with a lot of patience and understanding, trying out different techniques that best suit his needs. Nathan himself realizes how much the classes here in the clinic are helping him and hence shows a lot of interest to attend.” They have also told many of their acquaintances with similar difficulties about the services here at the San Jose Scottish Rite, “because of this clinic’s outstanding services.”