posted May 23, 2015, 2:59 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 23, 2015, 2:59 PM ]
Natalie is a beautiful 8 year-old girl who started services at our clinic secondary to a diagnosis of Central Auditory Processing Disorder or CAP-D. Children with CAP-D have difficulty understanding auditory messages in spite of having normal hearing. Often children with CAP-D have a difficult time following directions, focusing on auditory input, explaining themselves, are less attentive in noisy surroundings, misunderstand communication partners if they are not directly facing them, and miss the main idea of information. 
According to Natalie’s father, before beginning treatment, "Natalie had trouble understanding other people and expressing herself. She did not pronounce her words correctly and her vocabulary was limited for her age. She would get frustrated because other people did not understand what she was trying to say." 
At first treatment focused on following directions, understanding prepositions and basic concepts. She continues to need help with vocabulary, categorizing and expanding those categories, ford finding, and producing grammatically correct sentences. 
Natalie's father reported that "Natalie has improved greatly in her vocabulary and in expressing herself and also, understanding when other people are communicating with her" when her speech and language treatment began. He also explained that the most rewarding part of receiving the Scottish Rite Speech and Language services are, "seeing Natalie’s progress in her speech and understanding. Also, having such great therapists like Angela and Jenna. Angela and Jenna have been excellent therapists for Natalie. They are very patient teaching Natalie skills to understand and express herself. Also, they reward her at the end of the therapy session with a game which she looks forward to." Natalie’s father noted that speech therapy has impacted his daughter and family as they, "don't get frustrated anymore trying to understand what Natalie wants to say. She has improved her English grades at school and we are very happy to see her improvement. She has improved her communication skills thanks to the therapy. Natalie is a happier child thanks to the therapy she has received at the clinic. I thank each and every one who contributes to the clinic."