Michael and Kendall

posted May 23, 2015, 1:06 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 23, 2015, 1:06 PM ]
Michael and Kendall are two energetic, enjoyable five-year-old twins who started services at our clinic in February 2011. Michael was seen at our clinic because he was having a hard time asking for help, formulating questions, and negotiating play with peers and family members. His mom noted that he “had a hard time articulating when emotional, which led to him getting upset.” His parents were also concerned with his ability to process auditory information. Kendall was brought to our clinic because her parents were concerned about her articulation skills. Her mom stated “she would be discouraged from speaking because everyone would keep saying ‘what?’”
Given their parents’ concerns, Michael and Kendall were given a battery of tests to address the specific concerns with their speech and language development. Michael’s auditory processing skills were assessed using a specialized test recently purchased for our clinic. The test analyzed Michael’s auditory attention, phonological skills, auditory memory, and auditory reasoning. Michael also participated in testing for receptive and expressive language. In addition, a speech and language sample was taken to provide clinical observations of how he understood and used language in a more natural setting. Testing revealed that Michael’s auditory processing skills were within normal limits, but that he was not always using his communication skills effectively in his environment. 
Kendall was also given a formal language test to rule-out issues with receptive and expressive language. Her articulation skills were formally tested and an oral motor exam was completed to ensure that the structure and function of her oral mechanism was not impacting her sound development. The assessment revealed that Kendall was minimally delayed in acquisition of her sounds. She also frequently slid her jaw from one side to the other when she talked, indicating decreased jaw stabilization which also impacted sound development. 
Michael’s therapy focused on using social stories to discuss how to use language appropriately in various situations with peers, adults, and family members. Kendall’s articulation therapy targeted /th/ and /r/ sounds, articulating all sounds in multisyllabic words, and jaw stabilization exercises. Michael and Kendall’s parents have noticed a dramatic difference in their speech and language skills. They worked very hard and were discharged from therapy in the summer! Their mother reported, “We love Scottish Rite and love Ms. Rachel! She has greatly improved our lives and we will forever be grateful. Kendall and Michael will benefit from everything they learned here and starting kindergarten will not be so scary anymore.”    
We wish Michael and Kendall all the best!