posted May 26, 2015, 8:01 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 26, 2015, 8:01 PM ]
Matthew is a smart and energetic seven year old boy who is currently being seen at the Scottish Rite Speech and Language Disorders Clinic once per week.  His family drives from their home in Scotts Valley to the Scottish Rite Center in San Jose.  
Matthew is home schooled by his mother.  His family noticed that he had difficulty pronouncing many consonant sounds.    When he was younger, she had him evaluated for speech and language therapy.  At that time he didn’t qualify.  As time passed, Matthew developed some sounds on his own; however he still struggled with others.  
A coordinator of a parent’s support group informed Matthew’s mother about the Scottish Rite clinic.  Upon evaluation, it became clear that Matthew had an articulation disorder and his mother was highly in tuned to sounds that were difficult for him to produce.  Goals for Matthew’s treatment have included work on /k/, /g/, /sh/, /l/ and /r/ sounds.  These sounds are frequently occurring and when you put them all together, it made Matthew’s speech noticeably different for his age.  Matthew’s oral motor skills and his language skills were normal for his age.  He just needed specific treatment geared toward the articulation skills needed to produce these sounds. 
After treatment began, Matthew responded wonderfully and started to progress through his treatment goals.  He was quickly working on /k/ and /g/ at the conversational level.  Soon /l/ and /sh/ became easier for him too.  His current treatment is focused on the /r/ sound.
Matthew is a quick learner with a very hard working attitude.  His mother is devoted to practicing at home as well, which helps tremendously to speed up the learning process.  His mother noted, “Since treatment began we have seen a definite improvement.  It is easier for others outside our family to understand him.  It has also helped with our homeschooling spelling programs as well.”    Matthew’s mother shared, “Our experience at the clinic has been very positive.  We have been provided with great feedback about each session and identify homework that we should focus on at home.  We greatly appreciate the wonderful services available through the Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic.”