posted May 26, 2015, 7:17 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 26, 2015, 7:17 PM ]
Mateo is a cute four year, nine month old boy who started services at our clinic due to a moderate-severe receptive and expressive language disorder.  While Mateo’s native language is Spanish, extensive testing in both English and Spanish revealed that his difficulties were not due to English as a second language. 
When Mateo first started treatment, analysis of his language output during a connected speech sample found that his mean-length-of-utterance or MLU was less than one. The MLU is the average number of morphemes that a child produces in a single utterance. It is not necessarily the number of words a child says in one utterance, as the MLU also takes into account the complexity of a child’s utterance by examining the syntax and grammar of the utterance. This is important because it can help indicate a language delay or disorder in comparison to other typically developing children of a similar age. Given Mateo’s age at the time of testing, it was expected that he would have an MLU between 3.75 to 4.5. 
It has now been a year since Mateo started services, and his language has blossomed. While he still quiet, a recent analysis of his MLU, found it to be at 5.34, which is within the average range as compared to typically developing peers! His mother has noticed a significant difference in his language as well, which has impacted his confidence and “having complete trust in himself. Expressing him[self] with words [has] really impat[ed] me so much and [has made] me so happy” she commented. 
While Mateo will continue to come to the clinic to work on grammar, vocabulary and language formulation, he is a much more confident and self-assured youngster. His family has been supportive of him too as they faithfully come every week and always complete the homework. Mateo’s mother describes her experience at our clinic as “a wonderful service not just for my son, for my whole family…Special thanks to Rachel…for all the quality time and service.” It has truly been a pleasure watching Mateo’s language mature and we look forward to seeing him continue to blossom!