posted May 5, 2015, 5:12 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated May 5, 2015, 5:12 PM ]
Katie is a delightful seven-year-old girl who recently finished speech and language services at the San Jose Scottish Rite Language Disorders Clinic.  Katie and her family worked diligently and put a lot of time and commitment into her speech program.
Katie was diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech before coming to the clinic.  Another therapist had told her mother there wasn’t much hope for improving Katie’s speech.   Apraxia creates a difficulty producing, sequencing and coordinating oral movements.  Children with apraxia have a difficult time producing and combining sounds to create words.  As a result their speech can be difficult to understand, as was the case for Katie.  Katie’s mother stated, “It was hard for Katie’s teachers and friends to understand what she was saying.  My husband and I could usually understand her but it was so hard for all of us when we couldn’t.  She would get frustrated and end up crying.”  In other aspects such as language development and academic skills Katie was excelling.  However, at her age she was becoming more and more aware that people couldn’t understand her.  This was causing frustration at home and school.
After being enrolled in therapy Katie quickly showed progress, however she had a long course of treatment ahead of her.  She came twice per week for 45 minutes and also participated in a home program mirroring what was being done in therapy.  Katie worked on a mixture of oral motor exercises and speech sounds that followed a hierarchy of difficulty.  Katie’s mother stated,  “Her treatment impacted our family tremendously.  Conversations flow so much more smoothly, she is much more confident.  Katie had a new friend over yesterday and I asked if the new friend understood her.  Katie replied, “Oh yes, she understood everything Mommy, my speech is so good now.”
In July of this year, Katie met all of her goals and was discharged from therapy.  Thanks in large part to her supportive family she is truly a success story.  While we are so proud of Katie’s hard work, she and her family are a missed presence in our clinic.  Katie’s mother stated numerous times how grateful she was for the services provided by the Scottish Rite.  She stated, “Katie and her therapist worked so well together.  Katie went from not being understood by others and being teased to now being understood and having complete confidence.  She finds it much easier to make friends now.  We would not have been able to afford private treatments, so receiving services with Scottish Rite has been a true blessing for our family.”
When asked to describe her experience at the clinic Katie’s mother said, “ Our experience could not have been more comfortable.  Katie loved going to speech every week.  I have already told so many people about you service.  My friends have been just as happy as I have been.  It is hard to know where to begin when your child has a language disorder but Scottish Rite guided us with each step.  It is a very professionally run organization.”Katie and her family were a joy to work with.  She is a perfect example of how therapy services mixed with great family support can yield wonderful progress.  Katie’s mother commented, “ I just can’t thank Katie’s therapist and the Scottish Rite Clinic enough for helping our daughter overcome her apraxia.  You have given our family a wonderful gift.”