posted May 16, 2015, 6:05 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite
Jacob is a delightful four and a half year old boy who has been seen at the Scottish Rite Language Clinic once per week for the last year.  Jacob is always a fun little guy to work with.  He loves playing Candyland and Dress-A-Bear and his favorite animals are pigs!
Jacob’s parents first noticed a problem with his speech and language at two years old when he wasn’t talking.  Jacob was seen by Early Start for early intervention services for six months.  After completing that program when he turned three years old, Jacob’s parents still had concerns with his speech and language skills.  
It was noted that Jacob had suffered from frequent ear infections, up to 8 by the time he enrolled in our clinic.  Often times chronic ear infections can impair speech and language development.  When your ears are blocked with drainage or infected, it impairs hearing.  This makes it harder to understand what is being said to you.  It also makes it difficult to receive the auditory feedback from your own words.  
Prior to receiving services at this clinic, Jacob’s mother stated, “It was very difficult to understand Jacob.  His brother learned to interpret for him with other people.  Jacob was frustrated as were we, when he had to repeat things over and over.”
By the time Jacob began speech and language therapy at the Scottish Rite Clinic, his parents were noting that he was attempting to say more words and put more words together to make phrases and sentences.  They found that he was still having difficulty with many sounds and it was still difficult to understand him.
Since treatment began, Jacob has worked on and mastered many different sounds in all positions of words.  His treatment targeted sounds and sound blends as well as words with increasing syllables and complexity.  Oral motor exercises were used to facilitate the strength and coordination needed to produce certain sound and sound combinations.  Jacob has made great progress and continues to meet his new goals regularly.  
When asked how Jacob’s treatment has impacted them on a day to day basis, Jacob’s mother stated that, “Angela gives us practical tools to work on at home.  Really, it makes us conscious of helping Jacob improve his speech, like breaking words into smaller parts or perfecting his articulation.
Jacob’s mother stated, “In the past year, we have noted dramatic changes.  His confidence in speaking has improved, as well as his articulation.  He loves coming to speech.  I think he knows how much it helps him.”  She stated that their family is grateful for these services and that they would definitely recommend it to other parents who have children struggling with speech delays.
Thanks to Jacob’s hard work and supportive family, he had made tremendous progress.  He has been a pleasure to work with and will definitely continue to progress with his speech and language development!.