From the Clinic (September 2017)

posted Aug 31, 2017, 2:36 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Kian is a shy and playful 3 year old boy who has been attending speech therapy services at the San Jose Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders clinic since December 2016. He was referred to this clinic by his pediatrician due to speech and language delays associated with his diagnosis of Fragile X syndrome.

Kian’s mother reported that with the exception of saying “I want _____,” he was mostly speaking in single words and using very few multi-word phrases. Kian is now beginning to use more multi word phrases. He enjoys targeting his language skills including imitation and utterance expansion while playing basketball, soccer, finding objects in the bean box, and building towers. Kian’s therapy was focused on improving his ability to identify body parts, colors, and to follow one-step directions. He is now ready to target producing longer utterances and questions and to address some articulation concerns. Kian is becoming more independent with following routines and with initiating requests for preferred activities. He has also become more independent and friendly with the other children and family members at the clinic and is initiating greeting or interacting with them.

Kian’s parents say that they are very grateful that the clinic exists and that they were able to have these services available to him so that there was not a gap in speech therapy services after he was no longer eligible for services through Early Start after turning 3 years old. We are so happy to have Kian and his cheerful smile here with us!