From the Clinic (November 2019)

posted Nov 2, 2019, 2:13 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Esther is a sweet four year old girl who loves the color purple, flowers, playing with her siblings, and playing with her stuffed dog “Wee Wee.” She has been receiving speech and language therapy services at the San Jose Scottish Rite Childhood Speech and Language Clinic since July 2018. Esther’s five-year-old sister, Anna was also seen at this clinic.

Esther's adoptive mother and father, Erika and David, first adopted Esther's older brother, Eli, eight years ago in 2011. In 2015, Eli's biological father and his girlfriend lost custody of Anna when she was four months old. Erika and David requested to adopt Anna so that the two half -siblings could grow up in the same family. Erika and David adopted Anna and her two younger sisters who were born in 2015.  All three girls presented with speech and language delays and overall developmental delays. They have adjusted well into their new home and are much healthier, happier, and are now receiving services to meet their needs in speech therapy, physical therapy, and educational needs through their school district, The San Jose Scottish Rite, and through private therapists.

When Esther first started speech and language therapy, she was very quiet, had limited vocabulary, and spoke in two to three word phrases. She had goals to increase her sentence length, build her expressive language, and to improve her articulation. Esther has really come a long way since last year. She was very shy and reluctant to speak, but is now getting more comfortable with expressing herself. She is now speaking in four to five word sentences and using many more words than before. She has added many nouns and verbs to her repertoire and she is now using the present progressive verb tense with occasional help. Esther also learned basic concepts, improved her ability to use s-blends, in words like snow and spoon, improved her ability to make the L sound, produce multisyllabic words, and her ability to formulate questions.

Esther’s mother said, “Having two children with speech delays can be stressful. We want to understand them, yet, it is hard.” Since beginning treatment, “Esther has better enunciation, a larger vocabulary, and longer statements. She can say whatever she needs to.”

Erika said that the most rewarding part of their experience at the clinic has been watching Esther’s confidence grow and watching her bloom. She has been pleased with her experience at the clinic and says that the therapists have been very friendly, supportive, responsive, and caring. She would recommend the clinic to other parents who have children needing help with their speech and language.

We have greatly enjoyed having Esther and her family at the clinic and wish her all the best in her continued success in her speech and language growth and development!