From the Clinic (November, 2018)

posted Nov 8, 2018, 5:47 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Liat is a beautiful eight-year-old who has attended our clinic’s speech therapy program for the last year and-a-half. She has been working hard on her articulation skills practicing her “sh,” and “th, ”sounds and all the different kinds of /r/’s.  Liat loves to read, make up games and pretend she is the teacher while the teacher is her student. She has an amazing imagination and work ethic. I am pleased to announce that Liat has met all of her speech therapy goals and will be discharged from our clinic very soon!  Liat is able to produce /r/ while reading, holding a conversation, picture describing, singing, and speaking to a fast paced metronome. While she may need an occasional reminder to produce an “or” instead of an “er”, she can easily produce the majority of her /r/’s. I am so proud of you, Liat, for your tremendous work and willingness to improve your speech! You are a fantastic young lady!! And you will be dearly missed!!

Liat’s Mother wanted to say a few words about her experience at our clinic:

 “I heard of the San Jose Scottish Rite Clinic from a friend. At the time, my daughter was unable to enunciate several letters properly. For example, her “r” sounded like a “w,” as she would say, “wabbit” instead of “rabbit.” Although it took 1.5 years of weekly visits and some home practice, Liat’s progress with Ms. Jenna was definitely worth the wait! Not only is Liat’s speech easier to understand, she is also more confident when speaking up at school. The clarity of her words will certainly help with her day to day conversations and public speaking. The intimacy of a smaller clinic allowed for a more personal experience. However, the most rewarding part of receiving services here was the ability for Liat to establish a personal relationship with Ms. Jenna. Furthermore, practicing speech through “play” made her feel like it was “game time.” Due to these circumstances, my daughter looked forward to attending speech therapy each week. We are incredibly grateful for the Scottish Rite Clinic and Foundation. If not for the Rite Care Clinic’s probono services, acquiring speech therapy via our insurance would have had a significant financial impact on our family. Thank you Rite Care Clinic and Ms. Jenna for all your patience and dedication in helping Liat achieve her goal. We are so thankful for your help!”