From the Clinic (November 2017)

posted Nov 10, 2017, 9:39 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Brielle is a beautiful six-year-old girl who began
receiving services
here at our clinic at the beginning of summer 2016. She has been working mostly on her articulation skills such as producing her /s/, “sh,” and /r/ sounds twice a week with Ms. Jenna. Brielle tends to distort her /s/ and “sh” sounds by blocking the air that is coming through her teeth or not pushing her air through hard enough. We are working on producing these sounds accurately, and she is
improving each day! You may be thinking, “Wow, she is already working on /r/ at such a young age?” Well,
surprisingly children should be producing /r/ at the beginning of their words at age 3! It did take her a while to get a good /r/ sound, but now she is on a rrrrroll! Each day her /r/ is sounding better and better in her conversation!! She is also practicing irregular past tense verbs, and answering “who” questions. She is learning new words every day! She loves to earn goldfish crackers and water breaks for her hard work! Brielle has got a great imagination and enjoys playing with the animals from our toy room at the end of her speech therapy sessions.

Sally, Brielle’s mother heard about our clinic through her sister who brought her son here in the past. In addition to Sally’s nephew being seen at this clinic, Ms. Jenna also got the pleasure of working with Brielle’s big sister! Before receiving services at our clinic Sally noted that some of Brielle’s, ”words were very distorted, but now she is doing so much better. It is easier for everyone to understand her.”

Sally also commented, “It has been a very positive experience at the Scottish Rite Clinic and we are so grateful. I tell people all the time about how great this clinic is. Ms. Jenna has been so sweet. We love her!  Thanks to the Scottish Rite Center for providing this service. “ Brielle’s clinician is hopeful that she will meet all her speech therapy goals in the very near future! Keep up the awesome work Brielle!