From the Clinic (November, 2015)

posted Dec 12, 2015, 2:03 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Dec 12, 2015, 2:03 PM ]
D. is a spunky, fun six year old boy who has been coming to our clinic as a result of a mild articulation disorder. While testing of D.’s receptive and expressive language revealed language development within normal limits, he presented with a frontal lisp for the /s, z, sh/ and /ch/ sounds. In addition, he substituted /n/ for /l/ in all positions of words. D.’s parents were concerned about his speech and his ability to be understood so they brought him to our clinic. 
In the past year D. has made exceptional progress! He has met his goals for producing /l/ in all positions of words in conversation. To do this, D. worked with minimal pair words, which is a technique in which words sound the same but differ by one sound. For example, D.’s word list include “no” and low”, “nice” and “lice”, “nap” and “lap”. Using minimal pair words helps a child understand that their production does not match the meaning they are intending. It teaches them how to self-monitor their error. During targeted drill with the /l/ minimal pair words, if D. said “nap” instead of “lap” I would not give him a reinforcement of his production. Thus he was able to understand that in order to make his message clear, he needed to use the /l/ instead of the /n/ or his sentence did not make semantic sense. An example would be “I want to sit in mommy’s nap” verses “I want to sit in mommy’s lap”.   
D. is also making fantastic progress with his frontal lisp for /s, z, sh, ch/. He is now producing /s/ in the beginning and endings of words in sentences with some models. /sh/ is probably the most difficult sound for D. to produce at this time. We are working on tongue placement using a tongue depressor. It’s hard work but D. is now starting to approximate /sh/!D. has such a supportive and loving family. Each week one of his grandparents brings him to his treatment and the entire family helps with his homework. No wonder he is doing such a great job with such support! Great job, D.! Keep up the great work!