From the Clinic (May 2018)

posted May 2, 2018, 11:32 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite

McKenzie is a beautiful three-year old girl who has been seen twice a week at our clinic for the last 18 months. This month we celebrate all her accomplishments and hard work of meeting 21 of her speech therapy goals! Great job McKenzie!!  Although her smile will be missed around the clinic due to her 18 month time limit for services being over, we hope to see her again very soon as she has been put back at the end of our wait list to be seen in the future to work more on her articulation and sentence structure.

Her Mother Samantha wanted to describe her experiences at the clinic and what our services have meant to her and her family.

“I heard about the San Jose Scottish Rite Children’s Clinic from a previous clinician, friend and neighbor Mrs. Angela, who has since moved out of state.  McKenzie’s speech prior to receiving the Scottish Rite Clinic services was very limited. She had minimal words for her age and struggled to get basic sounds out. Our pediatrician and ENT recommended speech therapy for her.  McKenzie’s speech sounds and vocabulary is night and day since she started speech therapy here with her Speech-Language Pathologist, Ms. Jenna. She is so much happier, and she is a different child since starting and beginning working with Ms. Jenna. She used to get very upset and frustrated that she couldn’t say specific words or that others couldn’t understand her. But that rarely happens anymore! The most rewarding part of the speech services I received for my daughter is her confidence. She likes to participate at school and makes friends on the playground since she feels more confident in talking. Our family is so thankful for the opportunity to have McKenzie receive speech therapy services at the Scottish Rite Clinic. All of the employees, especially Ms. Jenna are so kind. We really could not have asked for better. I tell other parents about the Children’s clinic, because you guys are truly an asset to the Bay Area! Without the San Jose Scottish Rite Clinic my daughter wouldn’t be conquering her speech disorder at the level she has over the last 18 months. I truly can’t tell Ms. Jenna enough, all that she has done for McKenzie! From day one McKenzie gravitated to Ms. Jenna because of her calming and caring personality. McKenzie never liked to leave my side. But when she met Ms. Jenna, something just clicked right away. McKenzie would beg to see her speech clinician ever week. Although I knew that she worked hard when she was with her, she never complained or didn’t want to go see her. Ms. Jenna genuinely cares about her students. She works hard to learn their personalities and what will make the children want to come back. Ms. Jenna really cares about your family as a whole and wants your child to succeed. McKenzie wouldn’t be where she is today without the Scottish Rite Clinic and Ms. Jenna. We are going to miss Ms. Jenna so much but are truly thankful for the amazing foundation she has given to McKenzie.” 

Take care McKenzie and family! I know you will continue to think about all your speech sounds that we worked on while you take a little break from the clinic. Thank you for all your hard work! I will miss you all! –Ms. Jenna