From the Clinic (July, 2015)

posted Jul 18, 2015, 2:10 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Jul 18, 2015, 2:11 PM ]
D. is a smart, enjoyable seven year old boy who has been seen at our clinic for a moderate articulation disorder since December 2013. D. has worked very hard and has been discharged from treatment as he has met all of his speech and language goals! 
Originally, D.’s mom brought him to our clinic because he was difficult to understand. Testing revealed that his articulation skills were moderately delayed as compared to typically developing, age-matched peers. Sounds that were targeted in therapy included “sh”, “s”-blends, “l”, and “th”. In addition, D.’s receptive and expressive language was tested to determine if there were any delays in language skills. While his overall language abilities were within normal limits, D.’s articulation errors impacted his expressive grammar skills. This is common in children who have articulation errors. Sometimes we see that the morphological markers such as regular plural “s” or third person singular “s” endings are affected because a child has difficulty producing the “s” or “z” sound at the final position of words. Thus, D. not only worked on his sounds in the context of words, but also how these sounds impacted his grammar. 
D. was such a hard worker. He came to therapy consistently and always practiced his homework. His family’s dedication to his speech and language therapy helped D. graduate quickly from our program. We are so proud of him! D.’s mother recently sent a letter of gratitude to our clinic. This letter is a strong reminder of how valuable these services are to the families that we are so honored to help.
“Dear Rachel,
Many thanks for your work as D.’s SLP. It was a wonderful experience having you as an integral part of D.’s speech growth and development! I’m grateful for everything and grateful to the San Jose 
Scottish Rite for generously offering this valuable service.
Warmly, J.”