From the Clinic (January, 2016)

posted Mar 11, 2016, 2:48 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite   [ updated Mar 11, 2016, 2:48 PM ]
L. has been receiving once a week speech therapy services at our clinic since February 2015. She is working on expressive, receptive and social language skills. She has been working on nine different goals and has already met two of them! Some of the goals she is currently working on are learning idiom meanings, following 4-step directions and producing past tense and irregular past tense verbs in sentences and in conversation. L. has a great sense of humor and enjoys telling her clinician about the funniest thing that she has most recently seen on TV. She does great impressions and is a joy to have in the clinic. Her mother C. wanted to speak upon her experience at our clinic:
“I heard about the San Jose Scottish Rite Childhood Clinic  through a teacher at my daughters school. Before receiving services at this clinic, it was really hard to work with L. I was not sure what she was capable of understanding. I was not sure what she was and was not understanding. In addition, she was having a really hard time in school each year.
 Speech therapy at this clinic  has helped L. so much. She has displayed some great developments! The school teacher and I have seen a really good increase in her vocabulary and overall speech. Her behavior is also much different. We do not go through “meltdowns” very much now-a-days. Her anxiety when she does her  home work has decreased! She makes more of an effort to try now in class and with her homework. She enjoys coming to the clinic and working with Miss Jenna to achieve her speech therapy goals.
There are not many speech therapy clinics that I am aware of that help the community the way this clinic does. I have worked in the education field for over 12 years and had no clue that this clinic existed. It was not until I sat down with one of her teachers and they told me about it. I went online and did some research, talked with my husband and we both decided that this clinic would be a good fit for L.. I reached out and they gladly talked to us and tested her. Miss Jenna  then developed a plan that worked. And so far, it has been amazing! L. is growing and we are very pleased with the outcome. 
The most rewarding parts of receiving services at this clinic are understanding the “needs” my daughter has and what she needs to work on in order to have more successful academic and social abilities. The clinic and their staff are very welcoming, positive, encouraging, and safe. It is nice to know that there is someone she can rely on. Someone to help her, coach her, and that is what the clinician and this clinic does. This clinics services has enriched our lives as a family. We will truly miss coming when our 18 months are done. I wish there were more resources and clinics like this one! Thank you Scottish Rite for all you do for us families. You are greatly appreciated!”