From the Clinic (February 2019)

posted Feb 10, 2019, 4:49 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Anna is a sweet and playful four-year-ten-month old girl who has been receiving speech and language therapy services with Miss Karen at the San Jose Scottish Rite Speech and Language Clinic once a week since July 2017. She is being discharged from our clinic soon to be placed back at the end of our waitlist due to our 18-month time limit policy. Miss Karen also sees Anna’s three-year-old sister, Esther for speech and language therapy services at our clinic and has enjoyed getting to know her family over the last year and a half.

Anna's adoptive mother and father Erika and David Spence first adopted Anna's older brother, Eli, eight years ago in 2011. In 2015, Eli's biological father and his girlfriend lost custody of Anna when she was four months old. The Spences requested to adopt Anna so that the two half -siblings could grow up in the same family. Erika and David ended up adopting Anna and her two younger sisters who were born in 2015.  All three girls presented with speech and language delays and overall developmental delays. They have adjusted well into their new home and are much healthier, happier, and are now receiving services to meet their needs in speech therapy, physical therapy, and educational needs.

During therapy, Anna has been working on expanding her vocabulary, such as adding verbs to her repertoire, increasing her utterance length, improving her ability to imitate the L sound, and improving her articulation of multisyllabic words. She has worked very hard and made tremendous progress. Anna enjoys playing with the barbie dolls, horses, and cars during our therapy sessions. She has also become well known in the clinic amongst the other clients and parents who attend speech therapy around the same time as her. She has become very social with the other children at the clinic, initiating conversations with them, playing with them in the waiting room. The other speech-language pathologists and parents at this clinic have been offering Anna a lot of praise recently about her progress in her speech clarity and expressive language!

Anna’s mother learned about our clinic when she was looking for resources for her eldest child. Prior to receiving services at this clinic, Anna’s mother reported that her language was disorganized. She was difficult to understand due to having few words and multiple articulation errors. She is now speaking in short sentences and her speech clarity has improved significantly. Her mother reports that the most rewarding part about receiving services here has been seeing Anna gaining confidence and self-worth. “Our experience has been very good. Anna’s therapist is very kind, patient, and professional. It has been such an excellent resource.” Anna’s family is thankful for our services and would tell other parents about the clinic.