From the Clinic (February 2018)

posted Feb 8, 2018, 3:13 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Daniel is an imaginative 5-year old who has been seen at our clinic for the last 15 months. So far Daniel has met nine of his speech therapy goals!  Daniel attends speech therapy with Ms. Jenna twice a week for forty-five minutes, secondary to a diagnosis of an Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). His sister Ana also attends speech therapy with Ms. Rachel once a week at our clinic.  Daniel is currently working on producing r-blends, l-blends, s-blends, /n/ and /s/ in his conversational speech. He is also working on following 3-step directions and his emotional regulation and sentence structure.

Daniels was referred to our clinic from his speech therapist at school. Daniel’s parents noted that before receiving speech therapy at our clinic, “It was difficult to understand his articulation and poor pronunciation. In addition, he would get easily angered because we could not understand him. His poor language skills made Daniel’s behavior even more difficult for him. Daniel still has some language difficulties but his speech therapy has definitely given him security. He is a very sociable child now! He loves to talk and sing now and his language is a big treasure. J Seeing Daniel enjoying talking and expressing his feelings are the most rewarding things to us! The therapists have helped Impact my children’s lives for the better! Ms. Jenna is an excellent and great therapist! She is very professional. All of your staff is really nice! Thank you Scottish Rite Clinic for all your help and effort that has changed our children’s and families lives! This clinic is the most amazing clinic in all the Bay Area! God bless you all!”

Daniel’s family has been exceedingly generous to our clinic! They have often provided animal crackers, goldfish crackers, candy and gummies for our children to have as a reward for doing so well in speech therapy. They have also donated many supplies such as Kleenex that are much needed in our clinic. In addition, they have purchased many new games, small prizes, books and art crafts for our children to enjoy!! Lastly, they have often purchased delicious drinks specifically for the clinicians to enjoy! How thoughtful!! A special thank you to Daniel and Ana’s parents for caring so much about the children at this clinic and being so generous to the children and clinicians!!  You keep up the great work Daniel!