From the Clinic (December 2019)

posted Dec 1, 2019, 11:23 AM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Jonathan is a sweet, fun-loving preschooler who was seen at the San Jose Scottish Rite Childhood Speech and Language Clinic for a speech and language disorder characterized by difficulty with expressive and receptive language, articulation and pragmatic skills.   Before receiving therapy at our clinic, Jonathan’s parents described his speech as having limited vocabulary and reduced intelligibility.  His mother reported that, “He was only able to say short sentences, most of which was just scripted.  He was difficult to understand, and he exhibited echolalia during conversation and even preschool story time.” Jonathan worked very hard during his therapy sessions at the clinic.

His parents noticed that after they had been coming to speech therapy twice a week for the last year, “Jonathan’s vocabulary has expanded and he has developed clearer sounds in his speech, such as his /sh/ and /g/ sounds. He is now able to produce multisyllabic words easier and utilize longer sentences.” After completing a 18-months of therapy, Jonathan is better able to communicate more functionally at home and at school.  His parents reported that “He has more conversations with us and his sister now. The most rewarding thing for us as parents is that because Jonathan has received speech services at the Scottish Rite Clinic, he has better emotional regulation skills. He is better able to communicate and be understood by others, especially his peers. He is so proud of himself when he is able to learn how to produce new sounds correctly.  The Scottish Rite Clinic has been an invaluable resource for us. We would not have been able to afford twice a week speech therapy without the Scottish Rite Clinic! We were on the waitlist for almost a year, but it was well worth the wait, as the speech treatment is above our expectations, even above private speech therapy at other locations!”  The San Jose Scottish Rite Childhood Speech and Language Clinic is also very proud of all that Jonathan has accomplished and we look forward to continuing to help him and his family!