From the Clinic (August 2019)

posted Aug 15, 2019, 1:04 PM by San Jose Scottish Rite

Jenny’s son was screened at our clinic in order to see if he had a speech delay in April of 2018 with Mrs. Cynthia under the supervision of Mrs. Jenna when he was almost two years old. He began Treatment with Mrs. Jenna a few months later. Goals at the initiation of treatment were putting two words together and increasing his turn taking skills during play. He is now three and currently he is working on producing bilabials, putting three words together and making blend sounds at the beginning of his words. He enjoys playing with cars, flash light game, shape games, playdough and stamps with his clinician. He also loves swimming with his mother after speech therapy.

Jenny heard about our clinic from a friend who attended the Scottish Rite Clinic who had great success years ago with her daughter. Prior to speech service at the clinic Jenny’s son was, “Very much delayed. My son was two years old and was very frustrated that he couldn’t communicate with us. He could only say about 5-10 words at that time, and he would scream at the top of his lungs in anger because we could not understand what he wanted. The first three-four months at the clinic, my son learned slowly. He started to increase his verbal skills rapidly after four months of speech therapy. After six months of therapy, his language skills exploded and it has continuously increased ever since. This speech treatment has impacted our family immensely! As my son increased his speaking skills, his frustration and anger reduced dramatically. He has not screamed at the top of his lungs in frustration in over six months.  My son is now a happy kid who can communicate his needs easily. The most rewarding thing about receiving services here is Mrs. Jenna. She is supportive and caring with my son. She understands when to push him a little firmer and when to give my son grace. She is also inclusive with us as parents, involving us and giving us skills to help support our son. I have referred other parents to the Scottish Rite. Being a parent does not come with a handbook. But the Scottish Rite Clinic and the clinicians here gave us the resources to support our son and watch him thrive.”